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Transgender Transformational Fiction Scenes

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Zappity Zap! Because... sometimes you don't need a whole story - a scene can work just fine. The focus on the community is on transgender tramsformational fiction, specifically the transformation scene.

All are encouraged to submit their work and discussions. A few guidelines, however.

1) In general, the scene must deal with transgender (or other related) transformations, facilitated by magical or advanced technological (ie. indistinguishable from magic ^.~) means. Just dressing up doesn't count. Changing from one male form to another doesn't count. Likewise, changing from one female form to another doesn't count. Turning into animals (even if a different gender/sex) doesn't count.

2) Scenes only - no full stories, though excerpts are ok.

3) Play nice. No personal attacks. No flames, trolling, spam, off-topic posting, etc.

4) The internet is viewable by a whole bunch of different people - young and old, conservative and liberal, so on and so forth. All scenes should be posted behind an LJ-cut, and if there's content in the scene that might be objectionable to others in the community (sex, violence, graphic description of body parts, transformations outside of the standard male-to-female and female-to-male genre) a warning MUST be included in the post, above the cut.

5) Content submitted to the Zappity Zap! community falls under a Creative Commons license. Specifically, scenes and comments may be used by others, under certain limitations (see the license below), though the original poster retains all other copyright rights.

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